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Lordship and Salvation

by Bob Wilkin

Charles C. Ryrie writes in his book, Balancing the Christian Life (Chicago: Moody Press, 1969), "Enthronement [putting Christ on the throne of my life; making Him Lord of my life; etc.] is not a condition for salvation but rather . . . it should he a consequence of it" (p.179). In support of that contention he noted that "there are in the Bible several clear examples of believers . . . who were, nevertheless, not completely or continually committed to the Lord. Such examples would seem to settle the issue clearly by indicating that faith alone is the requirement for eternal life" (p.170). He went on to cite Acts 19:18-19 as one such example. He pointed out that "there were people at Ephesus who became believers in Christ knowing that they should give up their use of magic but who did not give it up, some of them for as long as two years after they had become Christians. Yet their unwillingness to give it up did not prevent their becoming believers" (p. 172).

Dr. Ryrie calls the body of Christ to examine the gospel message and clearly proclaim it. He called us to proclaim grace, not works; faith, not commitment; Christ's righteousness, not self-righteousness. Amen.

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