Faith Alone in One Hundred Verses

Robert N. Wilkin


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The doctrine of salvation by faith apart from works—sola fide—is often defended using a handful of familiar verses, such as John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8-9, and Galatians 2:16. But are there any more? How prevalent in Scripture is the doctrine of faith alone? Would you believe there are as many as 100 verses that declare believing to be the one and only condition of eternal salvation? That is what Robert N. Wilkin argues in Faith Alone in 100 Verses. Writing in a devotional style, Wilkin shows that the doctrine of salvation by faith apart from works is taught explicitly or implicitly in at least one hundred passages throughout the New Testament. Whether you are uncertain about how to be saved or want to gain a better understanding of the Biblical evidence about the free gift of eternal life, this book will help remove any confusion about the wonderful grace of God in salvation.

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