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for life.

Grace Evangelical Society (GES) was founded in 1986 to promote the life-giving truth that God offers man the free gift of everlasting life through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, apart from works done before or after the new birth (John 3:16; 5:24; 6:35, 47; 11:26).

Another of our aims is to promote Christian growth by emphasizing the Biblical truths about eternal security, assurance, and eternal rewards. Read more about what we believe.

Grace in Focus Radio

Bob Wilkin and Shawn Lazar discuss the promise of everlasting life to all who simply believe in Jesus for it, and the related yet distinct message that all who faithfully follow Christ will receive eternal rewards. They do so from a Dispensational and Free Grace perspective.

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Why Will Confessed Sin Still Be Exposed at the Bema? Isn’t This Double Accountability? Also: What are Conditions, Content of Belief for Eternal Salvation Before the Cross?

Welcome to Grace in Focus radio. We are continuing to answer questions from out listeners. Today, Bob and Shawn will be discussing the Judgement Seat

If the Penalty of Sin is Physical Death &; Jesus Paid That Debt, Then Why Do Believers Die Physically?

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Does the Free Grace Movement Have a Charismatic Contingent? Also: Can a Modalist Be Born Again?

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Grace in Focus Magazine

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Grace in Focus, a free bimonthly publication, is filled with easy-to-follow topical and exegetical articles dealing with the gospel and assurance.

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Free Grace Church Tracker

Find a Church

GES maintains a list of Free Grace Churches in order to direct people just like you to congregations that preach the gospel of grace. It is our hope that this list will help you find a church that preaches the gospel of grace.

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The Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society, published semi-annually, contains scholarly articles regarding the gospel and assurance.

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What Is Free Grace Theology?

Free Grace theology is the view that

  1. everlasting life is a free gift that cannot be lost, received by faith alone in Christ alone, apart from works of any kind;
  2. assurance of our eternal destiny is based solely on believing Jesus’ promise to the believer, and not on looking to our works, experiences, or behavior;
  3. believers are accountable for our actions before God, and will be judged at the Bema to determine our eternal rewards, but not our eternal destinies.

From What Is Free Grace Theology? by Bob Wilkin


Visit our video page to see video messages from GES speakers at our conferences and other meetings. You will also find some of our friends’ stories of how they came to understand Free Grace, and many other helpful videos.


GES offers a variety of excellent messages on grace issues by outstanding speakers such as Zane Hodges and Bob Wilkin. Special attention is given to problem passages and problem issues. You can go here to listen to MP3s of various messages.


GES has published several tracts that are designed to share and clarify the Biblical message of grace. The online versions of these tracts are designed for ease of use. Please share these tracts (here) with your friends and family so that they can know of the wonderful message of eternal life through faith alone in Christ alone. Some are also available in Español and русскоязычный.

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    Upcoming Events

      2021 Chapel Hill Regional Conference @ Sunrise Church
      Sep 24 @ 6:00 pm – Sep 25 @ 4:00 pm

      Mark your calendars for a GES Regional Conference in Chapel Hill, NC at Sunrise Church! The topic is “The Return of Christ in 1 Thessalonians” featuring speakers Bob Wilkin, Ken Yates, Kathryn Yates Wright, Pastor Rod Chaney, and Pastor Donnie Preslar!

      Make plans to attend this first regional conference of 2021!

      Please register to give us an accurate count for handouts and Saturday lunch.

      We plan to livestream the conference for those who cannot join in person.

      Register here!


      Friday September 24, 2021

      6:00-6:15pm Worship

      6:20-6:30 Welcome + Disclaimer (Wilkin)

      6:30–7:00 Introduction to 1 Thessalonians (Chaney)

      7:10–7:40 Keep on Serving till He Returns—1 Thess 1:1-10 (Wilkin)

      7:50-8:20 Purpose in a Crazy World—1 Thess 2:1-12 (Yates)

      8:30-9:00 Present Suffering and Future Rejoicing—1 Thess 2:13-20 (Preslar)


      Saturday Morning September 25, 2021

      9:30–10:00 Remain Blameless till He Comes—1 Thess 3:1-13 (Wilkin)

      10:10–10:40 Sex, Love, and a Job—1 Thess 4:1-12 (Yates)

      10:50-11:20 Eschatology Is Vital to Your Christian Walk (Preslar)

      11:30-12:00 Panel Discussion on Practical Aspects of Eschatology (TBA)

      12–1:30 Lunch


      Saturday Afternoon

      1:30–2:00 The Rapture: Not a Joke—1 Thess 4:13-18 (Yates)

      2:10–2:40 The Judgment Seat of Christ in 1 Thessalonians (Wilkin)

      2:50-3:20 Coming as a Thief in the Night—1 Thess 5:1-11 (Wright)

      3:30-4:00 Principles for a Healthy Church—1 Thess 5:12-28 (Chaney)


      Pastor Rod Chaney, Sunrise Church, Chapel Hill, NC

      Pastor Donnie Preslar, Grace Bible Church, Charlotte, NC

      Bob Wilkin, Editor-in-Chief, Grace in Focus Magazine, Cohost, Grace in Focus Radio

      Kathryn Yates Wright, Short-term missions, GES

      Ken Yates, Editor, Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society, Short-term missions, GES


      Sunrise Church is located just off I-40 at exit 263 north of Chapel Hill.

      Several good hotels are located at exit 270 off I-40 and Fordham Blvd. including Homewood Suites, Home2 Suites by Hilton, Staybridge Suites.

      2021 St. Louis Regional Conference @ Fenton Crossing Bible Chapel
      Oct 22 @ 6:00 pm – Oct 23 @ 4:00 pm

      Mark your calendars for a GES Regional Conference in Fenton, MO at Fenton Crossing Bible Chapel!

      The topic is “Free Grace Theology: Introductory Issues and Cutting Edge Ideas” featuring speakers Shawn Lazar, Ken Yates, and Lucas Kitchen!

      Register here for this FREE conference!


      Friday Evening

      6:20-6:30 Welcome + Disclaimer (Lazar)

      6:30–7:00 Eternal Life for Beginners (Lucas)

      7:15–7:45 What Does It Mean to Believe? (Lazar)

      7:50–8:20 Evangelism (Yates)

      Saturday Morning

      9:20–9:30 Update on GES

      9:30–10:00 When to Repent and When to Confess (Yates)

      10:10–10:40 The Difference Between Salvation and Discipleship (Lucas Kitchen)

      10:50–11:20 Breaking Bread: Eating for Discipleship (Lazar)

      11:30–1:30 Lunch

      Saturday Afternoon

      1:30–2:00 Eternal Rewards for Beginners (Kitchen)

      2:10–2:40 The Warning Passages in Hebrews (Yates)

      2:50–3:20 “Doctrinal Emotive Behavior Therapy” (Lazar)


      Coming soon!

      GES 2022 National Conference @ Camp Copass
      May 23 @ 11:00 am – May 26 @ 12:00 pm

      Announcing our first ever GES family camp at Camp Copass in Denton, TX!

      Comfortable accommodations available at the Talley Retreat Center as well as meeting rooms for Plenary and Workshop sessions.

      Recreational opportunities include mini-golf, basketball, human foosball, lake nearby for fishing and kayaking (bring your own gear), evening fire pit fellowship, RV hook-ups, and more.


      Talley Retreat Center

      Angel Motel

      RV Hook-ups


      The Last Days Judgments coming soon!

      Registration Coming Soon!

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