Turn and Live: The Power of Repentance

Robert N. Wilkin


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Over thirty years ago, Bob Wilkin wrote his dissertation on the role of repentance and salvation at Dallas Theological Seminary (1983-1985). Then in 1990 his mentor challenged him to reconsider his view. Seven years later, after study and meditation on ten key passages, Bob changed his mind about repentance and salvation. This book asks and answers the following questions:

•What is the meaning of repentance?

•What do key New Testament texts tell us about repentance?

•Who needs to repent?

•What does repentance accomplish?

•Is repentance a condition for everlasting life?

•Does fellowship with God require ongoing repentance?

Turn and Live is the product of over thirty years of intense study and meditation. Through this book you will discover the power of repentance.


Our ebook, “What Is Repentance? — A Biblical Study” by Robert N. Wilkin, is an excerpt from this full-length book. You can download the ebook for free.

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