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Absolutely Free — Living Water

Adams, Jay — The Biblical View of...

Alcorn, Randy — The Grace and Truth Paradox: Responding with Christ-Like Balance

Alcorn, Randy — Heaven

Alcorn, Randy — Money, Possessions, and Eternity

Alcorn, Randy — Pro Life Answers to Pro Choice Arguments

Alcorn, Randy — The Law of Rewards

Alderson, Richard — No Holiness No Heaven

Aldrich, Joseph — Gentle Persuasion

Anderson, David R. — Free Grace Soteriology

Anderson, Don — Keep the Fire

Ankerberg, John & Burroughs, Dillon — God in 60 Seconds

Are You Going to Heaven

Arnold, Ralph "Yankee" — The Gospel Driven Man



Bahnsen, Greg — No Other Standard

Bailey, Mark — To Follow Him

Baker, Bruce — Spiritual Maturity: The Road to Wonderland

Baker, David W. Editor — Biblical Faith and Other Religions: An Evangelical Assessment

Bakker, Jim — Prosperity

Barker, Harold — Secure Forever, Revised Edition

Barker, Kenneth — The Zondervan NIV Bible Commentary

Barna, George — Power of Vision

Barna, George — Today's Pastors

Barron, Bruce — The Health and Wealth Gospel

Bayer, Oswald — Theology the Lutheran Way

Beeke, Joel — The Quest for Full Assurance

Begg, Alistair — What Angels Wish They Knew

Belcher, Richard — A Layman's Guide to the Lordship Controversy

Bell, Charles — Calvin and Scottish Theology

Bell, Rob — Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived

Benware, Paul N. — Leaders in the Making

Bertoneau, Thomas & Kim Paffenroth — The Truth is Out There

Bierly, Steve — Help for the Small Church Pastor

Bing, Charles C. — Simply by Grace: An Introduction to God's Life-Changing Gift

Blomberg, Craig L. & Kamell, Mariam J. — James

Bock, Darrell — Jesus According to Scripture

Bock, Darrell L. & Buist M. Fanning — Interpreting the New Testament

Bock, Darrell L. — Recovering the Real Lost Gospel

Boer, Harry — An Ember Still Glowing

Boice, James — Whatever Happened to the Gospel of Grace

Boice, James Montgomery & Philip Graham Ryken — The Doctrines of Grace

Boyd, Gregory — Jesus Under Siege

Boyd, Robert — Boyd's Handbook of Practical Apologetics

Braaten, Carl — No Other Gospel

Bradshaw, John — Homecoming

Breese, Dave — Blessed Calvary

Bridger, Gordon — The Message of Obadiah, Nahum, and Zephaniah

Bridges, Jerry — Transforming Grace

Bridges, Jerry — The Gospel for Real Life

Brock, Robert — Christianity Is the Gospel of the Grace of God, Not the Gospel of the Kingdom

Brown, Michael L. — A Queer Thing Happened to America

Bruce, F.F. — Hard Sayings of Jesus

Bruce, Tammy — The Death of Right and Wrong

Bryson, George — The Dark Side of Calvinism

Burkett, Larry — The Coming Economic Earthquake

Burnham, Gracia — In the Presence of My Enemies

Burns, Patout — Theological Anthropology

Burroughs, Dillon & Ankerberg, John — God in 60 Seconds



Callaway, Phil — Making Life Rich Without Any Money

Calvin, John — John

Campbell, Charlie H. — One-Minute Answers to Skeptics

Caner, Ergun & Emir Caner — Unveiling Islam

Card, Michael — The Parable of Joy

Carmical, Frank — The Omega Reunion

Carson, D.A. — The Gagging of God

Chan, Francis — Crazy Love

The Chronological Study Bible: New King James Version

Ciampa, Roy E. & Rosner, Brian S. — The First Letter to the Corinthians

Cionca, John — Solving Church Educations Ten Toughest Problems

Claeys, John — Apocalypse 2012

Clark, Gordon — Faith and Saving Faith

Clark, Kelly James — Philosophers Who Believe

Cloud, David W. — The Calvinism Debate

Coate, Micah — A Cultish Side of Calvinism

Colijn, Brenda B. — Images of Salvation in the New Testament

Colson, Charles — The Body

Comfort, Ray — The Ultimate Deception

Cone, Christopher (editor) — Dispensationalism Tomorrow & Beyond

Constable, Thomas — Talking to God

Cosden, Darrell — The Heavenly Good of Earthly Work

Couch, Mal (ed) — Dictionary of Premillennial Theology

Crenshaw, Curtis — Lordship Salvation

Crockett William — Four Views on Hell

Cross, John — The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus

Crossan, John Dominic — Jesus A Revolutionary Biography

Crutchfield, Larry V. — The Orginins of Dispensationalism

Cucuzza, Thomas M. — Secure Forever? God's Promise or Our Perseverance?



Day, Alan — Lordship — What Does It Mean?

DeSilva, David — Perseverance in Gratitude

Dictionary of Premillennial Theology

Dillow, Joseph — Final Destiny

Dillow, Joseph — The Reign of the Servant Kings

Dixon , Larry — The Other Side of the Good News

Dockery, David S. — The Challenge of Postmodernism

Dulles, Avery — The Assurance of Things Hoped For

Duvall, Scott and Verbrugge, Verlyn — Devotions on the Greek New Testament

Dricoll, Mark and Breshears, Gerry — Doctrine

Dyer, Charles — The Rise of Babylon

Dyer, Larry — Baptism: The Believer's First Obedience



Eadie, Betty — Embraced by the Light

Eareckson, Joni — Heaven

Eaton, Michael — No Condemnation

Edgar, Thomas — Satisfied by the Promise of the Spirit

Elliot, Elisabeth — Loneliness

Engelsma, David J. — Hyper-Calvinism & the Call of the Gospel

Erickson, Millard — God in Three Persons

Erickson, Millard — How Shall They Be Saved

Evans, Stephen — Why Believe

Evans, Tony — Free at Last

Evans, Tony — Are Blacks Spiritually Inferior to Whites

Evans, Tony — Totally Saved



Fanning, Buist M. & Darrell L. Bock — Interpreting the New Testament

Farley, Andrew — The Naked Gospel

Farstad, Arthur — The NKJV in the Great Tradition

Faust, J.D. — The Rod: Will God Spare It? Second Edition

Fee, Gordon — Listening to the Spirit in the Text

Fee, Gordon — Philippians. The IVP New Testament Commentary Series.

Feinberg, John — Continuity and Discontinuity

Finck, Joel — Lordship Salvation and the Gospel of the Grace of God

Finnerty, Robert — Jehovah's Witnesses on Trial

Fisk, Samuel — Divine Sovereignty

Four Views on Eternal Security

Fournier, Keith — Evangelical Catholics

Fournier, Keith — A House United?

Fournier, Keith — A House United? (Rejoinder)

Fournier, Keith — A House United? (Surrejoinder)

Fruchtenbaum, Arnold G. — Ariel's Bible Commentary

Fruchtenbaum, Arnold G. — Israelology



Gaylean, Eddie — The Strait Gate and the Narrow Way

Geisler, Norman — Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics

Geisler, Norman — I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist

Geisler, Norman — When Cultists Ask

George, Bob — Growing in Grace

Gerstner, John — Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth

Gil, Eliana — Outgrowing the Pain

Gilham, Bill — What God Wishes Christians Knew About Christianity

Gillquist, Peter E. — Becoming Orthodox

Gold - Tirabassi, Becky — Let Faith Change Your Life

Govett, Robert — Govett on Philippians

Govett, Robert — Sermon on the Mount

Gracely, Daniel — Hoodwinked and Happy?

Greear, J.D. — Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart

Green, Michael — One to One

Green, Michael — Evangelism in the Early Church

Greene, Larry — Full Pardon

Greene-McCreight, Kathryn — Darkness Is My Only Companion

Grisham, John — The Testament

Groothuis, Doug — Deceived by the Light

Groothuis, Douglas — Jesus in an Age of Controversy

Grudem, Wayne — Evangelical Feminism & Biblical Truth

Grudem, Wayne — Politics According to the Bible

Guinness, Os — No God But God



Halsey, Michael D. — Truthspeak

Harris, Murray — Jesus as God

Harless, Hal — How Firm a Foundation

Hart, D.G. — Deconstructing Evangelicalism

Hart, John — It's Greek to Me

Hawkins, O.S. — Unmasked

Hendricks, William — Exit Interviews

Henzel, Ron, Don Veinot, & Joy Veinot — A Matter of Basic Principles

Hewitt, Joe — I Was Raised a Jehovah's Witness

Hitchcock, Mark — The Complete Book of Bible Prophesy

Hixson, J.B. — Getting the Gospel Wrong

Hixson, J.B., Whitmire, Rick, and Zuck, Roy B. — Freely by His Grace

Hobbs, Herschel — You are Chosen

Hodges, Zane — Absolutely Free

Hodges, Zane — Dead Faith What is It

Hodges, Zane — Did Paul Preach Eternal Life? Should We?

Hodges, Zane — Grace in Eclipse

Hodges, Zane — Harmony With God

Hodges, Zane — Jesus, God’s Prophet

Hodges, Zane — Power to Make War

Hodges, Zane — Six Secrets of the Christian Life

Hodges, Zane — The Epistle of James

Hodges, Zane — The Epistles of John

Hodges, Zane — The Hungry Inherit

Hoezee, Scott — The Riddle of Grace

Holland, Tom — The Contours of Pauline Theology 

Hooker, Morna — Not Ashamed of the Gospel

Horton, Michael — Made in America

Horton, Michael — Putting Amazing Back Into Grace

Hosler, J.O. — Baptismal Regeneration

House, Paul R. and Gregory A. Thornbury, Editors — Who Will Be Saved?

House, H. Wayne — Dominion Theology

Howard, Rick — This Was Your Life! Preparing to Meet God Face to Face

Howe, Frederic — Witnesses in Stone

Hughes, Kent — Colossians and Philemon

Hull , Bill — The Disciple-making Pastor

Hunt, Dave — An Urgent Call to Serious Faith

Hunt, Dave & James White — Debating Calvinism

Hunt, Dave — In Defense of the Faith

Hunt, Dave — What Love Is This?

Huntspurger, Larry — The Grace Exchange

Hutchinson, Janis — Out of the Cult and Into the Church

Hybels, Bill — Becoming a Contagious Christian



Ingram, Chip — Holy Transformation

Innocent, Saint — Indication of the Way into the Kingdom of Heaven



Jampolsky, Gerald — Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

Janowsky, Philip — The Evangelical Essential

Jeffress, Robert — Guilt-Free Living

Jeremiah, David — Slaying the Giants in Your Life

Jessop, Carolyn — Escape

Johnson, Carl — The Account Which We Must Give

Johnson, Alan — 1 Corinthians. The IVP New Testament Commentary Series

Johnson, Phillip — Darwin on Trial

Johnson, Phillip — Defeating Darwinism



Kaiser, Walter C. — Preaching and Teaching the Last Things

Kamell, Mariam J. & Blomberg, Craig L. — James

Kärkkäinen, Veli-Matti (editor) — Holy Spirit and Salvation

Kendall, R.T. — Calvin and English Calvinism

Kendall, R.T. — He Saves: The Assurance of Salvation Through Faith

Kendall, R.T. — In Pursuit of HIS Glory

Kendall, R.T. — Meekness and Majesty

Kendall, R.T. — When God Says Well Done

Kendall, R.T. — Once Saved Always Saved

Kendall, R.T. — Stand up and Be Counted

Kitchens, Ted — Aftershock

Koch, Conrad (editor) - The Lordship-Grace Salvation Controversy

Koerselman, Bernard — What the Bible Says About A Saving Faith

Kruse, Colin G. — Paul's Letter to the Romans

Kuhatschek, Jack — Taking the Guesswork out of Applying the Bible

Kysar, Robert — John the Maverick Gospel



Lake, Kirsopp — The Apostolic Fathers

Lang, George Henry — Firstborn Sons

Larson, Robert C — Full Pardon

Lash, Daniel — A Critique of the Crossless Gospel

Lash, Jamie — This Was Your Life! Preparing to Meet God Face to Face

Lawless, Chuck — Discipled Warriors

Lawrence, John — The Seven Laws of the Harvest

Leafe, G. Harry — Running to Win

Lee, Richard — No Greater Savior

Lennox, John C. — God and Stephen Hawking: Whose Design Is It Anyway?

Lescelius, Robert — Lordship Salvation

Lightner, Robert — Safe in the Arms of Jesus

Lightner, Robert — Sin, the Savior, and Salvation

Linnemann, Eta — Historical Criticism of the Bible

Linscott, Steven — Maximum Security

Lockerbie, D. Bruce — The Cosmic Center

Lopez, Rene — Romans Unlocked

Lucado, Max — 3:16 — The Numbers of Hope

Lucado, Max — And the Angels Were Silent

Lucado, Max — In the Grip of Grace

Lutzer, Erwin — Growing Through Conflict

Lutzer, Erwin — Coming to Grips with God's Discipline of the Believer

Lutzer, Erwin — The Doctrines That Divide

Lybrand, Fred R. — Back to Faith

Lyda, Hope — One-Minute Prayers for Men



MacArthur, John — Ashamed of the Gospel

MacArthur, John — Faith Works

MacArthur, John — The Gospel According to Jesus

MacArthur, John — Hard to Believe

MacArthur, John — Saved Without a Doubt

MacDonald, William — The Forgotten Command

MacDonald, Gordon — Rebuilding Your Broken World

Maddoux, Marlin — Free Speech or Propoganda

Malphurs, Aubrey -Developing a Vision for Ministry

Manning, Brennan — The Signature of Jesus

Manning, Brennan — The Ragamuffin Gospel

Martin, Alfred — First Corinthians

Martin, William — A Prophet With Honor

McCarthy, James — The Gospel According to Rome

McGrath, Alister — The Mystery of the Cross

McGrath, Alister — What was God Doing on the Cross

McKnight, Scot — The NIV Application Commentary

McIlwain, Trevor — Firm Foundations

McVey, Steve — Grace Rules

Merrill, Dean — The God Who Won't Let Go

Merryman, Ron — Galatians

Merryman, Ron — In Christ

Metaxas, Eric Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

Metzger, John B. Discovering the Mystery of the Unity of God

Morey, Robert — The Trinity

Morgenthaler, Sally — Worship Evangelism

Morley, Patrick — The Man in the Mirror

Morris, Leon — The Gospel According to Matthew

Moyer, R. Larry — 21 Things God Never Said

Murren, Doug — Leadershift

Murrow, David — Why Men Hate Going to Church



Nash, Ronald — Is Jesus the Only Savior

Nash, Ronald — World Views in Conflict

Neighbour, R.E. — If By Any Means

Nelson, Melvin R. — Does God Lie?

Nelson, Thomas — Nelson's Concordance of Bible Phrases

New Revised Standard Version

Newman, Randy — Questioning Evangelism

Nichols, Stephen — An Absolute Sort of Certainty

Noll, Mark A and Carolyn Nystrom — Is the Reformation Over?



Oakland, Roger — Faith Undone

Olford, Stephen F — The Christian Message for Contemporary Life

Olkholm, Dennis — More Than One Way

Olson, Gordon — Beyond Calvinism and Armianism

Oswalt, Bill — Help, I'm Hurting



Paffenroth, Kim & Thomas Bertoneau — The Truth is Out There

Palau , Luis — Say Yes

Payton, James R. Jr. — Getting the Reformation Wrong

Pentecost, J. Dwight — Thy Kingdom Come

Peretti, Frank — This Present Darkness, Piercing the Darkness

Peterson, Eugene — The Message

Peterson, Robert A. and Michael D. Williams — Why I Am Not an Arminian

Phillips, Keith — Out of Ashes

Phillips, Peter M. — The Prologue of the Fourth Gospel

Phillips, Richard — Faith Victorious

Phillips, Richard D. — Jesus the Evangelist

Phipps, William — Amazing Grace in John Newton

Picirilli, Robert — Grace, Faith, Free Will

Pierson, Arthur — The Gospel

Pinnock, Clark — A Wideness in God's Mercy

Piper, John — Brothers We Are Not Professionals

Piper, John — Let the Nations Be Glad

Piper, John — The Passion of Jesus Christ

Platt, David — Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream

Polman -Amazing Grace Hymns

Price, Charles — Real Christians

Prime, Derek — Jesus

Punt, Neal — A Theology of Inclusivism





Radmacher, Earl — Salvation  

Radmacher, Earl-Hodges, Zane — The NIV Reconsidered

Rainer, Thom S. — Evangelism in the Twenty-First Century

Ramsay, William — Historical Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles

Raney, Linda — Christianity's Crisis  

Raschke, Carl — The Next Reformation

Rasmussen, Roland — Repentance Versus the Heresies of Curtis Hutson

Raysbrook, Randy — One Verse Evangelism  

Reisinger, Ernest — Lord and Christ  

Reitman, James — Unlocking Wisdom

Rembrandt: Life of Christ

Reymond, Robert — Jesus Divine Messiah  

Rhodes, Ron — Christ Before the Manger 

Rhodes, Ron — The Heart of Christianity 

Rhodes, Ron — The Popular Dictionary of Bible Prophecy 

Rhodes, Ron — The Topical Handbook of Bible Prophecy

Richard, Ramesh — The Population of Heaven  

Richison, Grant — Certainty—A Place to Stand

Robbins, John W. and Gerety, Sean — Not Reformed at All

Roberts, Richard Owen — Repentance: The First Word of the Gospel

Robinson, Maurice — The New Testament in the Original Greek

Rogers & Rogers — The New Linguistic and Exegetical Key to the Greek New Testament

Rogers, Adrian — The Power of His Presence 

Rokser, Dennis — Seven Reasons NOT to Ask Jesus Into Your Heart

Rosenthal, Marvin — The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church

Rosner, Brian S. & Ciampa, Roy E. — The First Letter to the Corinthians

Ryken, Leland — The Word of God in English

Ryken, Philip Graham & James Montgomery Boice — The Doctrines of Grace

Ryle, J.C. — Matthew

Ryrie, Charles — Basic Theology

Ryrie, Charles — Biblical Answers to Contemporary Issues  

Ryrie, Charles — So Great Salvation

Ryrie, Charles — Transformed by His Glory



Sanders, John — What About Those Who Have Never Heard  

Sarfati, Jonathan — Refuting Compromise

Schreiner & Caneday — The Race Set Before Us

Schroeder, David — Follow Me

Scott, Latayne — Why We Left Mormonism

Seamands, David — Healing Grace

Sellers, C. Norman — Election and Perseverance

Seymour, Richard — All About Repentance

Seymour, Richard — The Gift of God

Seymour, Richard — Fishing for Men

Showers, Renald — The New Nature

Sire, James — Naming the Elephant: Worldviews as a Concept

Smallman, Stephen E. — Spiritual Birthline

Smith, Bailey E. — Nothing but the Blood

Smith, Gordon T. — Transforming Conversion

Smith, Jeffrey — Hubris

Spaemann, Robert — Essays in Anthropology

Sproul, R.C. — Grace Unknown

Sproul, R.C. — Saved from What?

Sproul, R.C. — The Righteous Shall Live By Faith: Romans

Sproul, R.C. — The Soul's Quest for God

Stand: A Call for the Endurance of the Saints

Stanley, Alan P. — Did Jesus Teach Salvation by Works?

Stanley, Andy — How Good is Good Enough?

Stanley, Charles — Eternal Security

Stanley, Charles — Temptation

Stanley, Charles — The Wonderful Spirit-Filled Life

Steele, David — The Five Points of Calvinism Defined, Defended, Documented

Stegall, Thomas — The Gospel of the Christ

Stevenson, Kenneth — The Shroud and the Controversy

Stevenson, Tim — The Bema

Stier, Greg — Dare 2 Share: A Field Guide to Sharing Your Faith

Stier, Greg — Outbreak!

Stott, John — The Cross of Christ

Stowell, Joseph — Eternity

Streett, Alan — The Effective Invitation

Strombeck, J.F. — Shall Never Perish

Stulac, George M. — James, The IVP New Testament Commentary Series

Suk, John — Not Sure: A Pastor's Journey from Faith to Doubt

Sungenis, Robert — Not by Faith Alone

Swindoll, Charles — The Benefit of the Doubt: Encouragement for the Questioning Christian

Swindoll, Charles — The Grace Awakening

Swindoll, Charles — Sanctity of Life

Swindoll, Charles — Stress Fractures

Swindoll, Charles & Greg Laurie — Passion for the Gospel



Taylor, Daniel — The Myth of Certainty

Tchividjian, Tullian — Jesus + Nothing = Everything

Thomas, Derek W.H. — Acts. Reformed Expository Commentary

Tirabassi, Becky — Let Faith Change Your Life

Tomlinson, Chris — Crave

Tsoukalas, Steven — Masonic Rites and Wrongs

Tucker, Curtis — Majestic Destiny

Tyacke, Nicholas — Anti-Calvinists

Tyndale, William — Tyndale's New Testament





Vance, Laurence — The Other Side of Calvinism

Vawter, John — Uncommon Graces

Veinot, Don, Joy Veinot, & Ron Henzel — A Matter of Basic Principles



Wagner, C. Peter — Warfare Prayer

Wakely, Michael — Can it Be True?

Wall, Joe — Going for the Gold

Walls, Jerry L. and Joseph R. Dongell — Why I Am Not a Calvinist

Warner, Timothy — Spiritual Warfare

Warren, Rick — The Purpose Driven Church

Warren, Rick — The Purpose-Driven Life

Weaver, Tom — The Gospel Solution

Webster, Douglas — Selling Jesus

Wells, David — Above All Earthly Pow'rs

Wells, David — No Place for Truth

Weremchuk, Max — John Nelson Darby

Whipple, Gary — Shock and Surprise Beyond the Rapture!

White, Heath — Postmodernism 101

White, James — The Potter's Freedom

White, James & Dave Hunt — Debating Calvinism: Five Points, Two Views

Whitlock, Luder — Geneva Study Bible

Whitney, Donald — How Can I Be Sure

Wilkin, Robert — Confident in Christ  

Wilkins, Michael — Following the Master

Wimber, John — Power Evangelism

Winchester, Simon — The Professor and the Madman

Windsor, Carl D. — On This Day

Witherington, Ben III. — Is There a Doctor in the House?

Wright, Frederick W.H. — Opposite Poles: Contradictions Within Sola Fide?

Wright, N.T. — Justification: God's Plan and Paul's Vision





Yancey, Philip — What's So Amazing About Grace



Zeller, George — The Eternal Sonship of Christ

Zettersten, Rolf — Dr. Dobson

Zuck, Roy — Vital Theological Issues

Zuck, Roy — Rightly Divided  

Zuck, Roy — A Biblical Theology of the Old Testament



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