The Hungry Inherit

Zane C. Hodges


Hodges clearly distinguishes between everlasting life and reward, justification and sanctification. He utilizes engaging story telling as he expounds passages. May this volume help you see with clarity the gift of everlasting life and live with discipline, seeking Jesus’s rewards.

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“Seldom in one book are combined the really important features that are found in this one, and seldom is truth presented so attractively and faithfully.

“The burden of this work is to distinguish clearly salvation and discipleship. No distinction is more vital to theology, more basic to a correct understanding of the New Testament, or more relevant to every believer’s life and witness. The distinction is introduced through two of our Lord’s earliest conversations; and it is reinforced by references to the teachings of James, Paul, and John, which are portrayed on the background of other incidents in the life of Christ. When one finishes this book, there can be no mistaking the fact that the free gift of the water of life and the call to discipleship are clearly distinguished in the New Testament.

“No dry theology is this, for Professor Hodges uses a story-telling method as he unfolds the truth of various passages. Only the need to take time to digest the solid meat that is in each chapter will make the reader put this book down before finishing it. Mr. Hodges is completely qualified in the technical aspects of this work, and his colleagues and students will find in the book the same fascinating style he displays in his oral ministry.

“Because we live in a day where the water of life is sometimes clouded by human works, even by evangelicals, the message of this book needs to be heralded far and wide. As one who is known to share the convictions expressed in this work, I am very grateful to God for its publication. May it be widely read and used of the Lord to clarify and exalt His matchless grace.”

—Charles C. Ryrie

Professor Emeritus Dallas Theological Seminary

Zane C. Hodges (1932-2008) graduated from Wheaton College and Dallas Theological Seminary. He was a New Testament professor at Dallas Theological Seminary for 27 years and a teaching pastor at Victor Street Bible Chapel for over 45 years. He ministered to many individuals from all walks of life, helping many to come to faith in Christ for eternal life and to run the race of the Christian life with endurance.

Contains scripture and subject indices.

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