A Muslim’s Testimony*

by N.N. from India

Of course I am often asked why I became a Christian. My answer is a direct and simple one. I found salvation in Christ! There is not one word about the assurance of salvation in the Quran. As a Muslim I never had the confidence that my sins were forgiven, for Allah may or may not forgive on the last day. I lived in dread of that day of judgment. No matter how diligent and fervent I was in my practice of Islam, there was no certainty that I would be saved and accepted by God. Fear, doubt, and anxiety haunted me in the undercurrent of every endeavor I made according to Islamic requirements. I longed for one word of unqualified assurance that my sins had been removed and my guilt pardoned. I could not find it in Islam and I was left restless and burdened.

The message of the Bible, in striking contrast to all of that, is truly good news. It tells of true salvation in Christ. In other words, it not only offers the assurance of forgiveness here and now, it also tells about the historical basis of that assurance. The basis of acceptance with God is the death of Christ on the cross for my sins and his resurrection from the grave for my justification. By trusting in Christ I have full satisfaction and complete peace.


*This testimony is used with permission from AnsweringIslam.org. Other similar testimonies can be found at this link.

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