One Man’s Agony

By Diane Boring

Recently I was listening to a popular radio talk show personality answering questions on biblical issues. A gentleman called in to the program in agony because he had lost his assurance of salvation. He had read a book by a well-known Lordship author and he was terrified that maybe he wasn’t really saved. His voice quivered with fright as he spoke.

In an effort to help, the radio host assured the caller that if he had "repented" (or had a willingness to turn from his sins to Christ), and had received Christ as the full payment for his sin, then he could know that he was saved.

He asked the man if he was willing to repent of his sins and trust Christ to save him.

The man, almost in tears, said "Yes" he was "willing," but the lingering uncertainty in his voice spoke louder than his words. It was clear that he didn’t know if he was truly willing enough. After all, that’s what had caused him the grief in the first place.

I realized that with this advice, the man could never have assurance of salvation! I was so upset because I wanted to get to that man and tell him the wonderful gospel message. I wanted him to know how he could be sure that he was saved.

Knowing that reaching this caller would be impossible, I did the only thing I knew to do. I sent an e-mail message to the organization this radio host represents and voiced my strong objection to his advice. It is bad enough for one person to get an erroneous message like this. It is unconscionable to broadcast it to thousands of people. The eternal implications are staggering!

I don’t know what impact, if any, my e-mail message had. One thing I am sure of however, is the impact that a loss of assurance has on a believer. Assurance of salvation is a fundamental issue. With it, we can live the victorious Christian life the Lord intends for all His children. Without it, doubt and guilt are sure to creep in.

While we may not have the influence of a radio talk show host, we do have a sphere of influence where we live, work, and yes, even attend church. As believers, we should always be ready to share the wonderful message of assurance that God has promised to all those who have placed their faith in Christ alone for eternal life.

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