2017 GES National Conference: The End Times




This 5 DVD set contains all the plenary sessions from the 2017 GES National Conference. The theme was The End Times. The titles include:

Tommy Ice, What Is the Evidence for the Pre-Trib Rapture and What Difference Does It Make?

Bob Wilkin: Jesus Rules: the Message of the Bible

Wes Spradley: Jesus Is a Pre-Tribber (Matt 24:36-44) 

John Claeys: “Critically Important to Free-Grace Theology: A Proper Grasp of Matt 25:31-46”

Bob Bryant: The People of the Apocalypse

Ken Yates: Is Temporal Judgment Coming Soon (Luke 13:1-5)?

John Niemela: Israel’s National Repentance: Ushering in the Kingdom

Tommy Ice: An Overview of the History of the Teaching About the Rapture

Bob Wilkin: The Parable of the Faithful and Evil Servant (Matt 24:45-51): A Somber Warning

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