GraceWord Puzzle

crossword grid



4. Can be a term used to describe     wayward believers (see Luke 15) 1. God hates when people do this.
6. Jesus knew the fig tree was a fig tree     even without this. 2. Since we are in a _________ state,     we are not probationaries.
7. Not understanding the difference     between justification and     sanctification brings this. 3. _____________ is instantaneous,     not a process.
9. Sin leaves you feeling this way. 5. Delivered (from anything)
11. Man’s __________ with respect to     obtaining eternal life consists of the     one act of faith. 8. The greatest of these is ____.
13. Will probably be raptured with their     believing parents 10. The only person called an evangelist     in scripture
15. Eden at God’s right hand 12. Persuasion that something is true
16. Charlie Sheen isn’t really doing this. 14. Found where the Spirit of the
    Lord is
17. To be ________ is to live with     expectancy and with desire. 18. After this person’s death, Jesus     showed it’s okay to grieve over     loved ones.
24. A watchful boy’s name 19. Jesus gives life this way.
25. God gives this to the simple. 20. The Gospel of John has this kind of     purpose.
27. Butler and Dunn wrongly     considered this “the indispensable     condition of…salvation.” 21. Gifts that have already been given     are not in this kind of state.
28. God both gives and _________     salvation. 22. Don’t turn to another ______.
31. Forgetting the Rapture can lead to     this feeling. 23. Contrary to popular belief, this is     not the eternal home of believers.     (See Rev 21)
34. The first type of the Rapture 36 Sin     is not something to be _______. 26. Salvation from the tribulation
37. A doctrine that looks ahead to meet     very practical needs 29. Escaped death along with Enoch
38. In 1 Thess 4:13, Paul is talking     about a different type of ________. 30. Use the Rapture to do this to one     another.
39. The unbiblical source of many     people’s view of hell 32. Euphemism for death of a believer
40. Believers shall not come into     ________ to determine eternal     destiny. 33. Description of the riches of His     grace in His kindness toward us


35. Sin is a cruel ______.

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