Waiting patiently for Him

by Jeff Ropp (Norwalk, IA)

I don’t like to wait, do you? We live in such a "hurry-up" society. At the airport where I work as a security officer, people don’t like to wait for us to inspect their car trunks before entering the parking garage. They express impatience by honking their horn, shouting obscenities, refusing to roll their car window down, driving off before we close their car trunk, or even running the stop sign at the security checkpoint.

As Christians, we can do similar things in our relationship with Jesus Christ. When He doesn’t move as quickly as we would like, we may try to speed things up a notch by taking matters into our own hands.

Some of my biggest blunders in life were the result of hasty decisions. May we as Christians learn to rest in the Lord and His perfect timing, knowing that He will make all things beautiful in His time.

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