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The following are comments by various Grace in Focus readers concerning the state of the Free Grace movement in the U.S. and abroad. They are meant to awaken the church to action. Therefore, it is our prayer that you will see the great need for the gospel of grace to be clearly taught and proclaimed in our churches. The following is why GES so desperately needs your help.

David Howard, Village Ministries Intl

I am seeing both a lot of resistance as well as positive response. In VMI’s last trips to Siberia, Cuba and Nicaragua, there was a lot of positive response, but they have an embedded legalistic theological system and find it hard to believe in eternal security. In Nigeria, Mexico, Bellarussia, Sri Lanka, and Ghana there has been a positive response to grace teaching but lack of awareness and/or centuries old tradition seems to be the problem.

Phil Congdon, Pastor—Elgin, IL

From my vantage point, reading popular Christian writers, magazines, etc., my perception is that the western church is populated with what I call "agnostic Christians"—they are content to take comfort in their lack of awareness, leaving the tough issues to theologians. Sadly, they are willing to do this when the issue is something as fundamental as salvation! I sense a real reciprocity in thinking between Roman Catholics and Protestants, even conservative evangelicals, today...perhaps ‘softened up’ a bit by the headline-grabbing ECT and TGOS declarations. I find quite often that people in the pews are generally not critical thinkers and I fear that too many theologians are not either.

Brad Doskocil, California businessman

There appears to be complete ignorance of the debate between lordship and free grace among many in what I will call non-Reformed churches, including Baptist, Bible Churches, and Calvary Chapels. The average church attendee is uniformed of theology in general and is inconsistent in the application of what he does know. This is the result of inconsistent teaching, the lack of focus on the issue, and the lack of clarity in Gospel presentations.

GES and faithful leaders like Bob Wilkin, Zane Hodges, Dr. Radmacher, Dr. Dillow, Duluth Bible Church, Charlie Bing, etc., are tremendous encouragements to people like me serving in the trenches. Your resources are invaluable. I only wish that your resources were as prominently displayed in the local Christian bookstores, as are others. Your commentaries and other resources help us educate and challenge others to see God’s Grace as it is and how His marvelous plan is laid out.

Dr. Manuel (Manny) Fernandez, World Link Ministries/Sefovan

Sad to say, in Europe, birth of the reformation and the cry of "Grace Alone, Faith Alone," people have lost their way. In Germany more than 90% of the few Evangelicals that exist believe that you can lose your salvation. Also, today in Spain and Italy, the fastest growing group is the Pentecostal church, which the majority of believe that one can lose one’s salvation. In Spain, the Plymouth Brethren, who were the most evangelistic group 100 years ago, are deeply embedded in Lordship to the point of giving free copies of The Gospel According to Jesus to their members. To round off the picture, the Pope came to Spain two years ago and declared Spain a "neo-pagan country in need of evangelization." We need to work diligently to make a difference!

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