Forever Loved

by Doug Anderson

Loved so deeply, can it be?
What does Jesus see in me?
I was on my way to hell;
"Well deserved," is what I'll tell!

Yet He loves me through and through;
Endless love, forever new;
Knows no limit, knows no bound;
Best discovery ever found!

Made by Him, I'm His delight!
His desire, to hold me tight!
Sought me out when I was lost;
Found a slave and paid the cost.

I'm the one He died to save,
When His life He freely gave.
I was on His mind that day
As they ripped His clothes away.

Thrust those thorns upon His head;
Left His face all streaked with red;
Yet His focused mind could see
Endless thoughts of love for me.

Wounds in hands and wounds in feet
Drenched the heavenly mercy seat;
Poured his life out, gave His all;
Spoke my name--I heard Him call!

Lips were parched, what thirst divine,
As He gave His life for mine.
Faltering heart still beat for me
While He hung there on the tree.

"It is finished," then He cried;
Soldier's spear pierced through His side.
Such abuse and such disdain,
Yet His pain became my gain!

Oh, what love poured forth that day!
Blood-soaked love my debt did pay.
Wondrous love both rich and free
Bore my sorrow selflessly.

Can it be, oh, can it be?
Such a love for such as me?
Great the cost, but greater still
His delight my soul to thrill.

Rich was He, yet poor became;
Bruised and wounded for my shame.
Hope have I because I know
He will always love me so!

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