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Our Influence Is Growing

by Bob Wilkin

One of the ways we know we are having an impact is when those who oppose our message recognize our efforts. This is happening more and more now.

Recently I was reading a book on the gospel according to Lordship Salvation and I was fascinated to read that we, Grace Evangelical Society, were instrumental in motivating the publication of the book. On page x of Lord of the Saved: Getting to the Heart of the Lordship Debate, Kenneth Gentry indicates that "two events finally led me to seek its republication in the present updated and slightly expanded form." (His original work was a journal article which came out in 1976.) The two events he cites were (1) a radio debate he had in 1990 with GES board chairman Kevin Butcher and (2) the review of his previous work in the Spring 1990 issue of our Journal (on pp. 93-94).

A few pages later (on p. 5) Gentry again mentions our Journal when he writes:

    In the recently renewed debate there has even been the establishment of a journal devoted to nonlordship argumentation, increasingly called the "free grace" position: The Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society.

Our influence is growing. We are even touching those who disagree with us.

So, keep giving people our newsletters, journals, and tapes. Keep signing people up to receive a subscription to our free newsletter. We are touching lives with the Good News of God's Grace.

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