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MacArthur "Praises" GES Newsletter!

by Bob Wilkin

In his latest book Dr. John MacArthur gives The GES News backhanded praise when he says that it is "the leading no-lordship fraternity's [bi]monthly newsletter."

No-lordship is the cumbersome and pejorative label he has given the Free Grace position. Why he doesn't simply call our position the Free Grace position, the term we use of ourselves, is hard to understand from a fairness standpoint. Surely he knows that we believe in and teach the Lordship of Christ.

His calling our position the "no-lordship" position would be akin to us calling his view the "no-grace" view-something I'm sure he would not appreciate.

Dr. MacArthur mentions GES in a number of places in this book (cf. pp. 46, 94 [twice],158, 163, 201). Unfortunately, his technique in the book is to mention Free Grace views without stating our arguments for our views or his critique of our arguments.

I will be presenting an article length review (i.e., ten to twenty pages) of this book by MacArthur in the Autumn 1993 issue of our journal.

*Faith Works: The Gospel According to the Apostles (Dallas, TX: Word Publishing, 1993), p. 46.

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