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"I thought I would leave early..."

GES founder and executive director Dr. Bob Wilkin presents seminars on faith, assurance, and apostasy, motivations for obedience, the Spirit-filled life, decision making and the will of God. and Lordship Salvation.

Here are comments from some of this year's participants at his seminar on faith, assurance, and apostasy:

Excellent seminar. I thought I'd leave early, but it was good so I stayed. Didn't feel rushed. Excellent, good question time.
Grand Rapids, MN

Thank you for taking the clear stand that salvation is a free gift forever based on simple trust.
Geneva, IL

I have enjoyed this seminar very much. Your explanations of free salvation are very clear. It is really comforting to know our salvation is based on what Christ has done for us and nothing of ourselves.
Dallas, TX

I'd just like to thank you for the simplicity you displayed in presenting the gospel. Too many times today people get theology and simplicity muddled up. Keep up the good work, and keep it simple. Thanks!!!
Hibbing, MN

I appreciate your clear presentation of the differences in the 'trust view' and the 'trust plus' view. It has really helped me understand the importance of giving out the true Gospel.
Port Byron, IL

This was very comforting to me to return to the truth about how I was really saved. After 21 years of being saved, I have allowed a lot of false teaching by 'Christians' to overcome my joy in salvation, and diminish my desire to know Christ intimately. I am renewed in my motivation to pursue Him.
Dallas, TX

I was raised Catholic, but stopped going to church when I was in college. I did not become a believer until a year ago. This seminar has been a great help to me. It is wonderful not only to have salvation, but to be sure in the knowledge of your own salvation.
Dallas, TX

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