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Finding a church home is a very important concern we all have when we move. GES provides a service to help.

We maintain a list of churches in the U.S. which agree with our doctrinal position. If someone calls or writes our office, we are happy to let them know if there are any churches on our list in the city to which they are moving. (We only give out churches for a specific city and we specifically require that the list only be used to find a church home or to establish a pastors' fellowship.)

We need your help! As this is a relatively new ministry for us, we currently only have about a hundred churches on our list. There are probably thousands of American churches that agree with our doctrinal position. We just haven't heard from them yet.

Please send us the name, address, phone number, and pastor's name of churches you know that agree with us. We will then contact the pastor and make sure that he agrees with our doctrinal position and that his church would like to be on the list.

There is no charge for this service.

We appreciate any help you can give us in assisting people to find church homes.

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