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Letters to the Editor

Dear GES,
Thanks so much for your newsletter. It's a real boost to get and read it monthly.
    Easton, PA

Dear GES,
I enjoy reading the GES newsletter and journal immensely--more so than all the many other publications that I receive combined.
For some time I've been troubled about a phrase which I believe is a misnomer and I question why it is even used. I agree with GES that we should promote the clear proclamation of the Gospel, so doesn't it seem a bit perplexing to use the two words "saving faith" when it's the object of faith that has all the power to save, rather than the faith itself? A person could have all the faith in the world but if it's not in the Gospel then it would be of no avail. . .

    Tampa, FL

Whenever we use the expression saving faith in our newsletter or journal, we do not mean as some do when they use that expression--that it is a unique kind of faith. Rather, we mean that saving faith is specifically faith in Jesus Christ as the One who guarantees eternal life to everyone who believes in Him for this. Faith in monotheism is faith However, it is not saving faith. Only faith in Jesus Christ and Him alone can rightly be called saving faith. Another way to put it is this: A person can believe many things and yet be unsaved. However, anyone who believes in Jesus and Him alone as His Savior is necessarily saved. That is why we call it saving faith. Editor

Dear Dr. Wilkin,
I very much appreciate the ministry of GES and am very thankful for it. I love your newsletter and journal. I have been blessed by them a lot! May God bless GES!

    Owosso, MI

To whom it may concern:
I'm getting really tired of the junk mail you insist on sending me and my husband. . .

    Surrey, BC

Editor's note: We delight in sending our newsletter at absolutely no cost to all who wish to receive it. However, we do not wish to send our newsletter to anyone who doesn't want it.

To whom it may concern at GES,
Thank you so much for allowing God's truths to be made available. I know that it must really be trying at times. . . You're having quite an impact here in Connecticut. Hang in there and keep up the good work. Faith alone in Christ alone. (Period.)

    Norwich, CT

Dear Sir,
Somehow we received a copy of The GES News. We thoroughly enjoyed it all.
We live in a small town . . . and don't hear a lot of teaching on God's grace.
We are retired and living on a fixed income so we appreciate something so good for no price.
I wish I had been on your list for a long time.

    Williams Bay, WI

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