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Letters to the Editor

Dear GES Team,
I just wanted to express my thanks and amen to what you stand for and how your newsletters are such a blessing. I have been blessed to be given an outreach in high schools across our great land. I am honored to be able to give the Grace Gospel in each school (over 5,000 so far). Just keep up your work and as a missionary I will share what and when I can. Thanks for your ministry of refreshment.
    Trussville, AL

Dear Mr. Wilkin,
I recently received the Autumn 1991 edition of the journal and thought to write and thank you (plural) for the work that has gone into producing such a document. . .
Some of the most interesting parts of your journal for me are the articles that deal with literature, poetry, and music. I was commenting to my wife this morning that our technological society has rapidly caused the decay of the arts into a meaningless parody based on subjectivism. I must admit that I find myself a product of that cultural decay. I am, therefore, grateful that one can discover in Christian literature the vestige ( and might I hope revival!) of both intellectual and artistic pursuits. . .
May God bless this ministry!

    Arvada, CO

I appreciated the unsolicited mailing, but please remove my name from your mailing list. Each issue represents some of the most baldfaced and embarrassing examples of special pleading that I have ever seen. Your sort of ministry gives a bad name to dispensationalists. Jesus is Lord and Savior, not Spectator and Condoner.

    Pastor DP
    Sacramento, CA

Dear Sir,
Greetings in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I'm very much delighted to receive the Grace Evangelical Society News and am truly blessed by it. It was my first time to receive the said newsletter (October 1991) which has been a great help in my understanding of the topic discussed. I would also like to thank the kind person who submitted my name to be included in your list of subscribers.
May God bless you even more and your ministry.

    Davao City

Dear Bob,
The past issue of the GES News (Oct 91) was the best yet for me. The article about the "intentions" of the Lordship position used almost the exact words that I have used many times. I wish I had sent them in to you. Cudos for Charlie Bing.
The other article that meant much to me was "The So-called Brother." It was an excellent treatment of a passage and made so much more sense to me than previous explanations.

    In His grace,
    Pastor JCF
    Palm Harbor, FL

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