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Letters to the Editor

Dear Sirs,

My husband and I really enjoy your newsletter.

We love your stand on eternal security and your clear, simple Gospel message.

    Thank you,
    Aurora, MN

Dear GES,

Your organization is not authorized by Scripture.

Please remove my name from your files. Please.

    Seminole, FL

Dear Bob,

Just a note of thanks and encouragement to you and your ministry. It has been a blessing to me and my wife through your newsletter each month.

    Stockbridge, GA

Letter to the Editor:

I have recently received my first copies of your newsletter and I am quite impressed! The passages you have jumped into might well have been ones that I would have avoided on my own. Thanks for the courage to tackle tough issues. Keep the newsletters coming!

    Jackson, MS

Dear Kevin,*

Thank you for the Grace Evangelical Society material you sent me. I was highly impressed with the newsletter and the Spring Journal. I come in contact with so much literature these days that sometimes it's hard for me to get excited about any of it, but I was very pleasantly surprised by the GES material and had to read it in one sitting.

    Sincerely in Christ,
    Troy, MI

*Kevin Butcher is the Chairman of the GES Board.

Dear GES,

Thanks much for your newsletter. I have just been doing a study myself on the June 1991 topic, Believe/Faith. Amen!

    West Chicago, IL

Dear Bob,

I wanted to drop a note to say thank you for your hard work and ministry. I have been able to reference much of your work on repentance (via the GES Journal, the newsletter problem passages, and other GES materials) in the seminary classroom.

I realize the time and energy expended on the birth of a new work (or seminary as here in Phoenix). We will continue to keep you in our prayers.

May God continue to richly bless your work.

    In Grace,
    Phoenix, AZ

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