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Letters to the Editor

Dear Bob,

I've [recently] come in contact with Grace Evangelical Society . . . [and] I look forward with enthusiasm in receiving my newsletter each month, and I'm learning so much. Not only am I learning about my free gift of salvation, but it's opening my eyes to other truths in the Word, especially concerning rewards.

    Love in Christ,
    Kansas City, MO

Greetings Folks!

There are several things I look forward to these days; among them, and near the top of the list, is your newsletter! What an encouraging and educational piece of literature! You have been a tremendous help to me in establishing a firm foundation of Grace Theology. Because of you and others like you many of the "problem passages" of Scripture, which have dismayed me for many years, no longer dismay me. It is safe to say that my confidence in Scripture and the joy I experience when I read and reflect on it have skyrocketed. Thanks so much!

    In Christ,
    Bossier City, LA

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