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Eternal Security: Can You Be Sure?

by Charles Stanley-A Review

by Zane C Hodges

All members of GES can be grateful to God for the appearance of Dr. Charles Stanley's excellent book on the doctrine of eternal security. Written in simple, easily readable style, this 195-page volume turns out to be a vigorous defense of salvation by grace through faith alone in Christ alone.

Although the author does not directly address the issue of Lordship Salvation (the only reference to it is on page 111, footnote 1), he touches on all of the bases that are relevant to this controversy. No reader can doubt that Dr. Stanley is as far removed as possible from the Lordship Salvation camp.

Eternal Security (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1990) is a book that is nothing if not daringly frank. In a remarkable chapter called "For Those Who Stop Believing" (Chap. 8), we read this clear-cut statement: "The Bible clearly teaches that God's love for His people is of such magnitude that even those who walk away from the faith have not the slightest chance of slipping from His hand" (p. 74). Later in the same chapter, Dr. Stanley writes: "You and I are not saved because we have enduring faith. We are saved because at a moment in time we expressed faith in our enduring Lord" (p. 80)!

The entire book has a similar clarity and directness. GES members will enjoy particularly the author's discussions on the Judgment Seat of Christ and rewards, as well as his fine treatment of the problem texts in Hebrews.

Want a really pleasurable read? Try Eternal Security!

Zane Hodges is a charter member of the GES Board He lives in Dallas, Texas and ministers nationally as a writer and speaker.

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