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Letters to the Editor


I am both blessed and motivated by your stand on salvation by faith alone in the work of Christ alone. I continue to pray for GES that you may remain true to the gospel.

The believers in my Bible classes have really learned from the GES newsletter. Thank you for your grace attitude!

    Pursued by Grace,
    Tallahassee, FL


I thank God for your ministry in the grace of God. Although it is hard for me to give as I have recently been married and am currently a college student. I plan on being faithful to your ministry. My prayers are for the awakening to God's grace of many church members and pastors. It is amazing to me that most people do not even know about the Lordship-Grace controversy, [while] others try to water them down in order to combine them. Whatever the case, the Lordship-Grace views are direct opposites. I am looking forward to your commentary on the N.T. I am sure it will be a breath of fresh air as your newsletters always are. Thank you again for your faithfulness to God's Word in salvation, eternal security, and the separation of salvation and discipleship.

    In Him,
    W. Palm Beach, FL

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