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Letters to the Editor

Dear Bob,
Keep up the great work! We enjoy every issue.
    In Him,
    Kissimmee, FL

Dear GES,
Please send me your newsletter. I enjoy your correct teaching of the Word as there is little of it in the world we live.

    Jewett City, CT

Dear GES,
Thank you all for everything you do! I continue to pray for your ministry always.

    Souls for Christ,
    Roswell, GA

Hello Bob,
A word of caution concerning the article "Don't Ask" in the Aug 91 issue.

I would be careful not to generalize that those who "invited Jesus into their hearts" as children are non Christians.

That was my immediate reaction after reading the article. Am I wrong?

For many, like myself, came to Christ alone as young children [by asking Jesus into their hearts] and had no problem with assurance after that. . .

Trusting Christ alone and inviting Christ into your heart is the same thing to the child who is sincerely trusting Christ's shed blood for his salvation from sin.

Keep up you good work, Bob.

    Santa Monica, CA

Good question, RW.
I did not mean to suggest that it is impossible for a person to be saved and to invite Christ into their heart. What I was saying is that the act of inviting Christ into one's heart does not have any saving value. Only trusting in Christ alone does.

I would agree that a person could pray or think something like this as a part of inviting Jesus into their heart: "Lord! I need Your life, eternal life. I am a sinner and I know that You paid for my sins. I am trusting in You alone. Please come into my life now." Of course, asking Jesus to come in was incidental. In fact, the person would have been saved before they invited Jesus in since they trusted in Him alone before they even verbalized the prayer.

My concern is that some who invite Jesus into their hearts and lives do not understand and accept the clear Gospel and as a result lack both salvation and assurance.


Dear Bob,
I don't buy your gospel message. I do, however, think you address an important issue.

I believe that justification come through faith alone in Christ alone, but is always accompanied by a change of life and good works.

Now, either you are right or I am. And whoever is wrong is in deep trouble, under the curse Paul describes in Gal 1:6-9.

For surely these are two different gospels. So one of us is damned. I stand upon rock, so that sentence doesn't scare me one bit. . . .

So, I urge you to turn from your error. At any rate, take me off your mailing list. You may write to me directly if you wish to discuss the matter; but I want no more of your printed garbage. I do not want to be a partaker in your works.

    Lawton, OK

I wrote BB back privately as he requested. In my letter I told him that I do not believe that the anathema of Gal 1:8-9 concerns eternal damnation. After all, Paul included himself in the possible curse when he said, "even if we . . ." Instead, the anathema concerns temporal judgment. We are to treat false teachers as those under God's curse and thus we are not to support them or fellowship with them.

I also told him that I felt it was a mistake to cut himself off from Free Grace literature. Hebrews 11:6 says that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

In addition I mentioned that I was offended by the ungracious tone of his letter.

Letters like this one both disturb and motivate me. There is a battle going on out there. Which "One-Way" message are people to believe? It is our job to explain and defend the Free Grace Gospel, knowing that the final result will be between them and the Holy Spirit.


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