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Clear Gospel Tracts

by Bob Wilkin

I have received quite a number of requests from GES News readers for clear gospel tracts. GES has not yet produced any tracts of our own. Nor do we officially endorse any. However, there are quite a few which I personally like and which I think most of our readers would as well. The following list is not exhaustive. These just happen to be some of the best of those of which I am aware.

Am I Going to Heaven?

This tract begins by listing many things people might suggest we need to do to enter heaven: obey God's laws, give to charity, attend church regularly, be baptized, etc. It then proceeds to show that none of these answers is biblical. It shows instead that the sole condition of eternal life is placing one's trust in Christ alone. It ends with John 3:16 and John 6:47 and an opportunity to trust in Christ. For a copy of this non-copyrighted tract write Florida Bible College, 1701 Poinciana Blvd., Kissimmee FL 34758. If you would like to receive the same tract in slightly modified form you can write to Phil Myers, Miami Christian College, 2300 N.W. 135th St., Miami, FL 33167.

What Do You Have to Do to Get to Heaven?

The beginning of this tract by Larry Moyer of EvanTell is similar to the preceding one. After showing that we can't be saved by any works we do, Larry shows that heaven is a free gift, that God has already paid in full the price of that gift, and that we must trust in Christ to receive it. A number of very interesting stories are told which illustrate the points being made. Available through EvanTell, 9212 Markville, Dallas, TX 75243. EvanTell also has other good tracts such as "How Do You Know When You're Good Enough to Get to Heaven?" and "Can You Be Sure You Are Going to Heaven?"

I Am a Witness

In the telling of their story, former Jehovah's Witnesses Leonard Chretien and his wife, Marjorie, clearly communicate the gospel. They were so committed to what they thought was the gospel that they sold a prosperous business and their home to be able serve Jehovah more fully. He was a Presiding Overseer of their congregation. When, however, the Lord didn't return in 1975 as promised, they began to doubt and those doubts drove them to intensive study. They found that the Watchtower Society was not of God and that eternal life is available directly through Christ, simply by trusting in Him alone. This led them to disassociate themselves from the Jehovah's Witnesses.

While this tract is especially good for Jehovah's Witnesses, it could be used effectively with anyone. Available from the American Tract Society, Box 462008, Garland, TX 75046.

The Search

This is an especially attractive four color tract which is suitable for reading through with a person or leaving with them. It proceeds from God's love and perfection, to our sinful, separated position, to God's provision in Christ, and to our need to accept the gift of salvation by faith. After a clear salvation prayer, steps for Christian growth are given. While some may object to offering a salvation prayer and others may find the Niagara Falls tightrope walker illustration unclear, most will find this an excellent, clear gospel tract. Available from Search Ministries, P.O. Box 521, Lutherville, MD 21093.

What's It All About?

After revealing something of God's character and actions, this tract considers our need, God's provision, and the saving response--faith in Christ alone. Assurance of salvation is then stressed and an opportunity to trust in Christ is given. This tract concludes with a call for the new believer to be baptized, present his body to God, read the Bible, pray, fellowship with believers, and tell others about Christ. Available from Wm. Kelsey Pietsch Ministries, 1332 Westview Dr., Hastings, MN 55033.

I have written two tracts which GES may pursue publishing if and when we have sufficient funds to do so. I will keep you posted.

Bob Wilkin is the founder and executive director of GES.

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