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Bill Durbin, GES Mailing List Coordinator, did a computer study of our readership. Here is a summary of his findings.

Texas is the leading readership state with over 1300 readers. Florida and California are next with over 200 each. Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota and Colorado run between 100 and 200 readers each. Michigan, Georgia, New York, Oregon, Nebraska, Ohio, Washington, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kansas range between 50 and 100 readers. All other states have 49 or less readers. [Every state is represented along with the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands, although 13 of these have less than 10 readers.]

Canada is our leading foreign country with more than 25 readers. The Philippines is next with nearly 20 readers. There are also readers in Austria, Australia, Indonesia, the West Indies, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Sweden, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Greece, Guatemala, New Zealand, Norway, the Republic of South Africa, Spain, West Germany, and Zimbabwe.

Our total readership now exceeds 4000! That is a lot of growth—doubling in fact—since last January when the readership was at 2000.

As you can see, however, we have just scratched the surface. All states could have thousands of readers. Many foreign countries could as well. You can help. Sign up interested people from our church, former churches, neighborhood, family, school, and work. Don't overlook the possibility of signing up interested unbelievers. The GES News makes a good evangeliistic as well as discipleship tool. It is a very unoffensive way to introduce unbelievers to the gospel.

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