Letters to the Editor

I just wanted to tell you, my dear brother, your article in the AWANA Signal magazine [on Romans 8:38-39] in October [a reprint of two articles which appeared in the March and April 89 GES News] was such a blessing, such a boost, such an added assurance to me.

Thank you!…

As to [the idea of] not being sure you are personally saved, well, what's wrong with standing on the authority of God's Word?

I used to think my doubts took my actual salvation away because I wasn't believing anymore, till I realized that just as the image of the moon reflected in water at night can be shattered by a stone thrown into the water, but one only needs to look heavenward to see that the moon is actually still there, likewise the joy and assurance of my salvation can be shattered by doubts, but because of the actuality of His Word…it still remains!

What a tremendous burden has been lifted from my shoulders (one I never could shoulder). He will hang onto me. I need not hang onto myself. The sheep do not keep the shepherd.

In Christian Love, 
Mrs. Lisa Pelarske
Avon, Minnesota 

What a beautiful letter. Amen. –Ed.

It's difficult to express my thanks for GES. The Grace issue has been a burning issue in my heart for quite some time. One day when discussing this topic with my brother, he suggested I read the GES News. I became a subscriber immediately and later became a member.

I want to express thanks to the GES writers and also to publicly relay my love for my brother, Kevin Butcher, a pastor in Detroit and also a GES board member.

Jeff Butcher      
Greenwood, Indiana

Thank you, Jeff, for such an encouraging letter.
By the way, I, too, love Kevin and much appreciate his ministry. –Ed.

…My contention is that Lordship Salvation brings confusion into people's lives. When we take it out of the ivory palace of the study and work with real people it begins to take on serious ramifications.

God bless you for your continued work.

Eugene Enns    
Oaklake, Manitoba

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