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Letters to the Editor

Doctrinal Statement, Not Articles, Represents the GES Position

I received two letters in the past month from readers wanting to know if views expressed in GES News articles represented the GES position.

The answer is no.

The GES doctrinal position is laid out in our doctrinal statement. If an issue is not covered, GES has no official position on that doctrine.

We feel, for example, that one's view of eschatology, election, and ecclesiology have no necessary connection with his view of the Gospel and assurance.

Recently we ran an article suggesting that faith is not a gift of God. Some who agree wholeheartedly with the GES doctrinal statement disagreed. That's fine. We were not establishing a formal GES position.

We run articles in the GES News and the Journal which are consistent with our doctrinal position. However, that does not mean that other views on the same issue are not also consistent with our position.

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